Lost Time Orienteering

Spend less time fussing with files and more time in the woods. Lost Time provides data processing tools to help streamline your pre- and post- processing so that setting up events and posting beautiful results are fast and accurate tasks. Recover your lost time!


Prepare Entries

Format online pre-registration data so that it's ready for import into Sport Software. Create check-in sheets for the registration table.


Event Results Series Results

Transform results files to look great on your website. Assign points using custom scoring methods. Compile series standings from results of multiple events.


On-Site Check In Lists

Event Results

Customization and Contributing

If you'd like to use LostTime for your club, there are generic templates available, but the tool is most powerful with customized formatting and scoring functions specific to your club. Send me an email to get started, or check out the source on github. Pull requests are welcome!